AM Sport

AM Sport is a premium sports nutrition brand formulated using the highest-quality ingredients sourced only from Germany and Switzerland, and used by world-class athletes and teams. In a very crowded marketplace, with some very big players, AM Sport wanted to get noticed.

Product retouching

Our expert in-house retouchers completely cleaned up the brand’s packaging shots to give the packs a super-clean graphical look that formed an asset bank that has been used across print, online and social communications.

Am Sport Product Retouch 02b
Am Sport Fb Ad 00b

Social media campaign

We created a social media strategy and creative assets for AM Sport based on a simple idea linking product benefits to athletic performance, packaged in a strong graphical look.

Website content design

Makalu created homepage banners for the AM Sport website to tie-in with the social media campaign. We also designed a features and benefits section to the product pages including infographics and illustrations.

Am Sport Website 00