Derby Museums

Makalu was appointed to rebrand The Derby Museums and Art Trust as they moved from council ownership to independent management. We advised on their name, created an identity, strapline, brand platform and website, and have since created print, advertising and design work. The organisation has received worldwide recognition for its innovative work in the museums sector.

Identity design

With three sites making up the museum offer, we wanted to bring in a feeling of three elements. The identity started with a D shape, repeated to create an M. The three windows were designed to be used as graphical shapes across communications, and each window can house a colour or an image, or combination of both, in a flexible way that works with each application. The colours in each unique block overlap to create a new colour; which represents the idea of using past experiences to influence new thinking. The “whole history of forward thinking” line also comes from this idea, and links to Derby’s influential role in the enlightenment period.

Derbyshire Muesums Posters Folio 03a
Derbyshire Muesums Posters Folio 03b
Derbyshire Muesums Posters Folio 03c
Derbyshire Muesums Posters Folio 03d
Derbyshire Muesums Posters Folio 03e
Derbyshire Muesums Posters Folio 03f

“Reimagine” campaign

Having secured funding to redevelop the Silk Mill in Derby, the historically-important site of one of Britain’s first factories, Makalu was asked to create a brand and campaign to support this unique project. Our RE: campaign brought to life the idea of using something with a rich historical past to be the rebuilt, reinvented and recycled in order to create an inspiring new location to explore fresh ideas and be the new home of making in the city.

“Us” campaign

Derby Museums wanted to recruit volunteers – primarily people with craft skills to teach others, to help run workshops and events and to encourage people to use the space and the facilities. Whilst it was to have its own identity, we were keen to ensure the recruitment campaign look came from the master Derby identity. We used our M from the master logo and created a logotype, bringing out the word “us” in museums to create a sense of community and shared experience.