Vital Communications

Following a competitive pitch, Makalu was awarded a big project from Office Depot who wanted to create a new stand-alone brand: one that would reinvent and relaunch their print management division to reflect the industry-leading capabilities of the new management team, backed by the unrivalled logistical capabilities of the parent brand. Makalu named, branded, planned and designed a comprehensive communications suite – from identity to website to brand films – and Vital Communications was launched.

Vital Communications Brand Folio 00j

Identity design

We created an identity for Vital, with a strong sense of direction, progress and two-way communication, using a triangle device that would be a motif that could be used graphically in the brand’s communications. The triangle was further developed to create an icon that represented Vital’s adaptability and responsiveness.

Brand animation

Makalu wrote and created an animated brand film to introduce the new company and present their services and skills. We used the triangle motif to bring the script to life visually.

Vital Communications Website Folio 00c
Vital Communications Video 02
Vital Communications Video 03
Vital Communications Video 04
Vital Communications Video 06
Vital Communications Video 05
Vital Communications Video 01
Vital Communications Website Folio 00e

Website design and development

The website we designed, wrote and built for Vital detailed all the company’s services, supported by case studies, and featured an additional video we made on the technology that supported Vital’s core service provision.

Printed materials

Makalu designed and produced a range of printed materials including die-cut stationery and mailers and service guides that featured interesting folds based on the brand’s triangle graphic. We also created a video mailer that included a mini LED screen that played a 2 minute video, complete with sound, when opened.

Vital Communications Stationary Folio 00d