Russell Schoolgear 2017

Whilst working on the Russell Europe brand we were asked to develop a look for Schoolgear, a sub-brand specialising in school uniforms. For this we used a bright colour palette and photography to emphasise the playful, confident and mischievous character of the child models we cast. We deliberately chose to shoot all images in a studio with minimal props to focus on the children’s personalities and the clothing, rather than the school environment. The result is a brand look that feels closely related to Russell Europe, but with a personality that is distinctly suited to the schoolwear offer.

Brochure design

We handled the design, writing, artwork and print management of the Schoolgear brochure for the UK uniform market.

Russell Schoolgear Brochure 01g

Art direction and photoshoot

We organised, cast and directed the shoot, using one of the most highly-regarded child photographers in the country.

Russell Schoolgear Photoshoot 02
Russell Schoolgear Photoshoot 04
Russell Schoolgear Photoshoot 07
Russell Schoolgear Photoshoot 08
Russell Schoolgear Photoshoot 10
Russell Schoolgear Photoshoot 06
Russell Schoolgear Photoshoot 03
Russell Schoolgear Calendar 00h

Promotional materials

We were asked to create a series of promotional items to support the brochure launch, including a calendar that made full use of the photography.