German brand Häfele is the world leader in engineered kitchen storage solutions. Häfele works with high-end kitchen manufacturers to provide the storage solutions technology that supports the kitchen furniture hardware.

Hafele Photos B 09

Art direction and photoshoot

We art directed lifestyle photography to showcase Häfele’s extensive product range.

Hafele Photos B 04
Hafele Photos 00b
Hafele Photos B 03
Hafele Photos B 06
Hafele Photos B 05
Hafele Photos B 10

Website design and development

Makalu designed, built and wrote all the content for Häfele’s “ideas for living” website and accompanying printed literature.

Hafele Website 07

Micro-site design and development

We also created and built a micro-site for Häfele’s annual “Studio Awards” show. Designed to reflect the existing awards artwork, the page needed to be a simple one-stop-visit for studios to RSVP and learn more about the event.