Hammerson 2017-2018

Hammerson operates numerous major shopping centres across the UK, including London’s Brent Cross, Bullring & Grand Central in Birmingham and Leicester’s Highcross. Since being appointed as Hammerson’s digital agency we have created digital and social campaigns for all of their centres including advertising, promoted posts, assets, content, in-centre displays and video.

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Summer Food Fest social media campaign

Helping Hammerson make the most of their social channels is one way we help. The Summer Food Fest campaign performed significantly better with selective boosting, and saw engagement up 900% with a smart spend of just £150.





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Email campaigns

Makalu creates opt-in email communications for centres. These can be unique to specific centres, or messages produced for all centres, where the same information is badged and sent out carrying each centre’s logo and details.

Webpage design and development

Makalu creates iframe pages for centres that are running unique activities and special events. These are information pages linked to each centre’s main site, and are the go-to pages customers are directed to via email marketing campaigns and social posts when an event is on. As you would expect, visits are tracked to measure campaign performance.

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