Merrydown Cider 2015-2017

Makalu creates advertising, digital, social and promotional activity for Merrydown cider and has helped the brand to reinvent itself in response to the changing drinks market. “Delightfully delicious” ran for over three years and featured a quirky fox character and fun copy (all illustrations created in-house by us).

Social Media Campaign

We created (and managed) social posts that playfully used the brand’s fox character, adapting his outfits and the scene to fit the theme of the post. Where possible we tried to keep him in his original pose to add to the humour.

Merrydown Social 00b
Merrydown Social 01f
Merrydown Social 01e
Merrydown Social 01d
Merrydown Social 01c
Merrydown Social 01b
Merrydown Social 01a
Merrydown Print Ads Folio 04b

Outdoor campaign

Following the established quirky brand tone, we wrote lines for outdoor media and set them using playful typography.

Merrydown Billboard 01
Merrydown Listing Folio 00

Website design and development

Makalu designed, illustrated and wrote the content for the “Delightfully delicious” Merrydown website, home to product information, history and seasonal recipes that used Merrydown as an ingredient.

Merrydown Website Folio 00b